Oneway Bowl Coring System Review

If you’re a woodturner, you know the value of a reliable coring system when it comes to creating stunning bowls. In this blog post, we’re diving deep into the world of coring with the One-Way Easy Coring System.

As a woodturner with years of experience, I’ve put this system to the test, and I’m here to give you an honest, first-hand review. No demos, no gimmicks, just facts and practical insights.

Oneway Coring System Summary

After extensive use and thorough examination of the One-Way Easy Coring System, I wholeheartedly recommend it to woodturners seeking a reliable and efficient solution for their lathe projects. This coring system offers precise, effortless coring and is particularly beneficial for those crafting bowls of various sizes.


Offers precise coring for accurate bowl creation.


Suitable for bowls of various sizes and wood types.


Streamlines the coring process, saving time and effort.


Built to last, ensuring a long-lasting investment.


Keep knives sharp with sharpened cutters with an easy-to-use jig.


Provides exceptional results with a choice of coring cutters.

Overall Rating:
4.8 / 5

Oneway Coring Pros

  • Time Saver
  • Extremely Durable
  • Easy Setup
  • Cutter Options
  • Consistent Cores

Oneway Coring Cons

  • Sharpening
  • Up Front Cost

entire wood bowl coring system

My Experience With One-Way Easy Coring System

My journey with the One-Way Easy Coring System has been nothing short of transformative. As a passionate woodturner, that sells a lot of wood bowls I spend countless hours at the lathe. When I integrated this coring system into my woodworking arsenal, it was a game-changer.

One of the standout aspects of my experience has been the precision it offers. Crafting bowls demands accuracy, and the One-Way system delivers just that. The precision is unwavering, resulting in consistent, well-shaped cores and bowls that truly stand out.

Maintenance has been less of a chore than I expected. With the help of a sharpening jig, I’ve been able to keep my coring cutters in excellent condition with relative ease. This means consistent performance over time, and it’s a valuable feature for any woodturner.

Most Popular

11 1/2” Easy Core Bowl Coring Knife Set

  • Oneway Model #3200, 11 1/2” Easy Core Bowl Coring Knife Set with Carbide Cutter.
  • Determines the size of bowl blanks that can be cored.
  • Made with high-quality, 60,000 lb tensile carbon steel construction.
  • Carbide cutters are easily replaceable and sharpened.

Choosing the Correct Coring System for your Lathe

Base Sets

This depends on the swing of your lathe. S0 pick the one for the swing that you currently have on your lathe.

12″ Base
16″ Base
20″ Base
24″ Base

Knife Sets

Choose the knives that you think you’re going to want. I started out with just the 9″ and the 11″ and they served me very well.


Mini Coring System

Oneway 12″ Mini Coring System

  • Oneway Model #3270 is for 12″ swing lathes (e.g., Oneway 1224, 1236SD).
  • The Mini Easy Core Coring System includes The Base and The Knife.
  • Each Mini system has one fixed-size knife, with core size adjusted by moving the base.

What is the Bowl Coring System

A wood coring system for woodturning is a cool tool and method that helps woodturners make several bowl blanks from one big piece of wood.

It’s especially great if you’re already familiar with woodturning because it makes your work easier and lets you use less wood while still making a bunch of bowls.

Who is One-Way Easy Coring System for?

The Enthusiastic Hobbyist

The Enthusiastic Hobbyist is someone who has a deep passion for woodturning but may not have professional training or access to extensive woodworking resources. They often dedicate their free time to creating beautiful woodwork pieces and are always on the lookout for tools and systems that can simplify their craft.

The One-Way Easy Coring System is a perfect fit for them, as it streamlines the coring process, making it easier for them to achieve professional-quality results in their leisure hours.

The Seasoned Professional Woodturner

The Seasoned Professional Woodturner is an experienced artisan who relies on woodturning as their livelihood. They’re constantly seeking tools and equipment that can save them time and boost the quality of their work.

The One-Way Coring System becomes a vital asset in their workshop, to create multiple bowls for their own sales and also bowl blanks for other woodturners.

The Creative Artisan with Limited Workspace

The Creative Artisan is someone with limited space for woodworking but possesses a burning desire to create stunning woodwork pieces. Their space constraints mean they need tools that are versatile, compact, and efficient.

The One-Way Easy Coring System is an ideal solution for them, as it adapts to various lathe sizes, saving space while providing the precision and performance they need to explore their creative potential within the confines of their workspace.

My Video Review of the Oneway Coring System

What benefits does the One-Way Easy Coring System provide?

1. Precision

The precision of the One-Way Bowl Coring System extends to every aspect of your woodturning process. It not only helps you achieve the perfect core shape, but it also reduces the margin for error in your projects.

This precision is invaluable, especially when you’re aiming for consistent, well-shaped bowls that are a hallmark of fine craftsmanship. The system ensures that your creations meet your artistic vision every time.

2. Efficiency

The time saved with this system is more than just a convenience; it’s a game-changer. Whether you’re a professional woodturner with deadlines to meet or a hobbyist looking to make the most of your available time, the One-Way Coring System allows you to complete your projects efficiently.

3. Versatility

One of the standout features of the One-Way system is its adaptability. It doesn’t discriminate between lathe sizes or the type of wood you’re working with. This adaptability opens up a world of possibilities for woodturning projects. But you do need to buy the system depending on what lathe that you have.

4. Durability

As woodturners, we understand the toll that this craft can take on tools and equipment. The One-Way Coring System is designed to endure the rigors of woodturning. Its robust build and quality components make it a long-lasting investment. You can rely on this system to withstand the demands of your woodworking projects, year after year.

5. Performance

With the One-Way system, you’re not bound to a single way of doing things. The availability of different coring cutters means you can tailor your approach to suit various lathe applications. Whether you need to work with different wood densities or core sizes, the system offers a flexible toolkit for your wood-turning journey.

6. Ease of Maintenance

The ease of maintaining the coring cutters is a practical benefit that contributes to consistent performance. The included sharpening jig simplifies the process of keeping your cutters in top shape. This means less downtime for maintenance and more time for actual woodturning, a significant advantage for anyone passionate about this craft.

Conclusion – Is One-Way Easy Coring System Worth It?

In summary, the One-Way Easy Coring System is a game-changer for woodturners looking to unlock their full potential at the lathe. With the right base, coring cutters, and regular sharpening, you can effortlessly create beautiful bowls with precision and efficiency. Whether you opt for steel or carbide cutters depends on your lathe work and wood types.

If you’re considering investing in the One-Way Easy Coring System, I’d greatly appreciate your support by using my affiliate link provided below. It helps me continue to produce informative content like this.

Stay tuned for more valuable insights and tips in the world of woodturning. As always, may your lathe projects be rewarding and your coring experiences seamless and satisfying.

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