Is Woodturning Difficult

Are you looking to get in the hobby and your wondering how hard is the barrier to entry?

This hobby has so many different types of woodturning. If your turning bowls or tops they can be a lot easier then say doing hollow forms.

So is woodturning difficult? No, it is not difficult if you are using the right tools and if you have learned from someone that knows what they are doing.

Easier types of woodturning

Not all woodturning needs the same type of skill level. If you are turning tops and bowls they tend me easier to learn.

Wooden tops

Creating tops is a great way to get started. This is spindle turning and you are using little pieces of wood that are easy to manage.

It also a lot of fun to add colors and let’s face it one of the best parts is that you are making a toy that kids will enjoy.

Get yourself a good spindle gouge and I would shoot for a 1/2 spindle gouge and have some fun.


This is one of my favorites to make. They are fun because they can be used and also displayed on someone’s table.

I love turning green bowls. It also not too difficult to cut bowl blanks from logs and turn green. Getting sprayed from the water leaving the bowl is amazing!

You can do almost an entire bowl with a bowl gouge, faceplate and or a chuck and you can be good to go.

Harder types of woodturning

Now lets look at a fewer types of woodturning that will take a little more skill and difficulty. They can be very rewarding when you get one of these done well.

You might need a few more tools then doing a simple top woodturning but it can add a better challenge to this incredible hobby.

Hollow forms

hollow form

I love creating hollow forms. It is a great part of the hobby. They’re something about having a form that is hollow in the middle and gets people scratching their heads on how you created it.

They can be a lot more challenging with specific tools that are needed with hollowing tools.


Boxes can be a little more time-consuming to create. You also really need to focus a little more on perfecting your cuts and also your finish.

If you don’t get these things correct the cover or lid to the box is not going to fit correctly.

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